Do My Gutters Need Cleaning?

Most of the time, gutters don’t really register in our minds as something that’s particularly important. They’re just there. They sit on the edges of our roofs and funnel water down to the drain pipes. Seems like pretty basic stuff most of the time and we can be lulled into a sense of complacency; water falls on the roof, flows into the gutters and runs off down our drainpipe to the drainage system underground.

But when gutters get blocked by stuff like vegetation and dirt, mud and water that whole system can break down. Roofs and gutters are designed to keep funnel water as quickly as possible away from the property, so when something happens to stop that process, problems occur. Water is corrosive, and so standing water can root the roof and cause major and expensive problems to your house.

So how do we know whether our gutters are blocked by gunk and debris and needs to be cleaned? Here are some simple ways:

Are your gutters overflowing?

This isn’t a failsafe system, because in a major downpour your gutters will fill up naturally with water and overflow the side, so take more notice of this during a normal rain event. If the rain isn’t teeming down, yet the gutters are still overflowing and the waters are sloshing over the sides, there may be something causing the water to accumulate.

Are your gutters sagging away from your roof?

Sometimes we don’t realize how heavy water is, and when vegetation and dirt is water laden, they too become very heavy. Gutters aren’t designed to carry much weight for long periods of time. They are designed to move water onwards, but when the water remains, either as standing pools or as water saturated vegetation or mud, this can cause the gutters to buckle and begin to separate from the roof.

Are there puddles at your foundation?

If your gutters are overflowing, that water has to go somewhere, and it isn’t going where it is supposed to go. Instead, it might be flowing down your walls and pooling at the foundations of your house. This can cause serious problems, as the water can erode the soil and ground away the foundations, leaving them open to the environment. Also, the eroding ground might shift, causing cracks to form in your foundations. Noticing water pooling at your foundations before it can cause the ground to erode might save you a lot of money on foundation repairs.

Are there plants forming in your gutters?

As anyone who went through school knows, plants need sun, water and soil to grow. Therefore, if you notice plants growing in your gutters, there must be sun, water and soil available to it. Obviously, the sun isn’t the issue here; it’s the water and soil, which as we’ve already stated, is not something you want in your gutters due to the added weight and strain in causes on your gutter.

Are birds, rodents and insects visiting your gutters more than you’d expect?

If your gutters are blocked by vegetation, soil and water, not only might plants form in that concoction, animals, birds and insects might be attracted to it as well. Little animals like rodents see the mix of warm vegetation in a confined spot as a safe place from predators; birds see the vegetation and twigs as a great place for nesting material, and insects like mosquitos are attracted to standing water. If you see these creatures regularly around your gutters, there might be something you need to check on.

All it takes is a little time and experience working at heights to clean your gutters. Unless you really know what you are doing, you should have professional gutter cleaners like those from gutter cleaning Omaha, come in and clean your gutters for you.

Why cleaning your carpets can sell your home?

You are moving house. In the lead up to selling your house you’ve renovated the kitchen, the bathroom, and clean up the backyard to ensure the best sales price possible. But did you know that something as simple as dirty carpets could hinder your chances of selling your house? Here’s why, if you’re selling your house, bringing in a professional carpet clean could be the best money you ever spend.

Bad first impressions spoil sales.

When a prospective buyer enters your house they have, in their brains, a pros and cons list; a list of reasons why they should buy your house and a list of reasons why they shouldn’t buy your house. Often first impressions can heavily, and possibly unfairly, influence one side or the other of that pro/con ledger.

If someone entering your house immediately sees dirty, stained carpet, they are immediately more inclined to think negatively about your house, because their first thoughts are negative – i.e. ‘carpets are dirty’. After that point, even their positive thoughts are tinted by that first negative impression.

Cleaning Carpets in a no brainer.

For prospective buyers, cleaning carpets when your showing your house is a complete no brainer, so much so that when you don’t do it, red lights begin flashing in their mind. They think, ‘If they can’t even do something as simple as making sure the carpets are cleaned, what other things haven’t they taken care of.’

You really don’t want red flashing lights going off in prospective buyer’s minds.

Smell is a very powerful sense.

Because you are used to it, you might not notice that your home smells. Maybe it’s not a bad smell, but it’s a smell that relates to you. It’s a smell that says ‘You lived here. You ate garlic bread and pizzas there, and sardines there, and spilt your beer there in that spot that’s now a little mouldy. You smoke two packets of cigarettes a day and your dog pees in the corner when he thinks you won’t notice.’

That’s perhaps extreme; it might simply say ‘I wear XYZ deodorant and use ABC shampoo.’ But whatever it is, it’s a smell that says ‘This is my house, not yours.’

But cleaning carpets produces a new smell, a smell most people like and associate with cleanliness and freshness. Isn’t that a much better state of mind that you want prospective home owners to be in rather than, ‘I wonder what died over there!’

If it’s good enough for Real Estate Agents, It’s good enough for you.

One of the last things a real estate agent will tell a leaving tenant to do is get someone in to clean their carpets; in their day to day jobs, real-estate agents know how much easier it is to convince a prospective renter to rent a home when that home looks and smells clean.

So, if real estate agents – how’s job it is to sell houses – think it’s a good idea to clean your carpets before bringing in prospective buyers, doesn’t it make just a little bit of sense that it should be a good thing for you to do as well.

It doesn’t take make to call in professional carpet cleaners to do your carpet cleaning job. Considering how much is on stake, paying professionals like the carpet cleaners in Coffs Harbour to do the job is a very good investment.

Spring Cleaning Rubbish Removal Tips

There’s another word which sometimes follows the word “spring” … “cleaning”. Some of us are thrilled to be spring cleaning, and others might think that  those people are a bit strange. However it is certainly necessary to consider spring cleaning, even if it is in every leap year! It’s too hot in summer to think of doing this. It’s too cold in winter … depending on whether you live above or below the 32nd parallel. It’s too …. busy in autumn. So spring it is.

Have a look around and see if there are things that are just taking up space. Things you don’t use any more. Things you maybe don’t need any more. There must be something that is taking up space that you would like to allocate to a new “something else”, and if you don’t use it any more, it’s time to go.

What can you give to a charity?

If it is still in reasonable condition, if it still works, a nearby charity might be interested in it. Sometimes we are in a season of catastrophes, with fire, flood and famine, and there would always be a family that could use the item that you no longer use. What about the old sofa, the fold up bed which is taking up space in the spare room, the drinks fridge which still works well, but maybe you can part with it and save a bit on the electricity bill. You could contact the charities to come and pick up items which are too large for you to handle.

Clothes? In good condition, they are always welcome for use by disadvantaged families. Don’t give them clothes which are damaged. And don’t leave them on the footpath outside the charity shop. This makes extra work and incurs extra cost for the charity volunteer workers.


Sometimes we buy more cups, plates, storage containers because we feel like a change, but we don’t dispose of the old cups, plates, storage containers. They take up space in the back of the cupboard. Charity shops love those as well. There always seems to be a need for basic household goods.

Have a look around and work out what you want to keep and what you are able to give.

Maybe your grandchildren would like the old books and toys from your childhood. Some might like playing with old Meccano rather than their x-boxes. Maybe there are things that are precious to you. They should be neatly packed and stored away in a labelled box, and packed on a shelf in the garage. Eventually the grandchildren will get them.


If you have a collection of empty bottles, you could take them to a bottle recycling centre and get a bit of cash back. Otherwise sort out your bottles, your old newspapers, magazines, and put them in the recycling bin. Have you got magazines dating back to 1978? Time to go. Or are there second hand dealers who would take them off your hands? Google it for your neighbourhood.

At the end of it all, you may find it more useful to employ the professionals, like those at rubbish removal Geelong to take it away, sort it out, and put it where it will do the most good.

The perils of doing gutter cleaning yourself

Yes, there are perils connected with your gutters. That is, the gutters that surround your house and collect the water when it rains on your roof. Perils (Oxford dictionary: “Serious and immediate danger”) for a person who is not as handy as they might think they are. If your gutters overflow even when rainfall is light, that tells you that there is serious clogging in your gutters. (Clogging: “to hinder or obstruct with thick or sticky matter; choke up”; not the official state dance of Kentucky and North Carolina.)

You might want to get out your ladder and climb up to see what’s up. But if you want to clean your gutters yourself, it might not be as easy as you think.

Instead, think about this.

It might be a good idea to get a professional to do the job for you, especially if you live in a two-storey house. Someone who is daily doing the job, is confident at the top of a ladder, has all the necessary equipment, and knows precisely what needs to be done. Is it worth saving a couple of bucks, just to find yourself at the bottom of the ladder with a broken leg?

Assess your gutters

Preferably you should do this from the ground. If it’s been a while, they might be blocked with vegetation, debris, dirt, feathers, and who knows what, which collect the rain water and will weigh the gutters down, preventing the water from getting away. This may cause them to sag, and if there are any signs of the gutter coming away from the house, you’re in trouble. If your gutters are deformed, damaged or unstable, it’s best that you don’t go up there and attack the problem. Leave it to the pro. He (or she) would have the correct equipment. He (or she) would know exactly how to handle said equipment while climbing a ladder, especially if the gutters are 10 metres above ground. He (or she) is ready for whatever they find up there, since he (or she) has been doing this for a long time.

Gutter stuff

What a mess there could be. And you might have some freeloaders up there which enjoy the mess that has been accumulated. Even snakes, possums, nesting birds … think about the possibilities. PPE (we all know now what these initials stand for) is vital in so many occupations, and this is no exception. I reckon you must be prepared to get your local gutter cleaning expert on the job. Even if your wife thinks you are able to do this on your own, this is the time to overrule her in the strongest way, and insist that the best thing to do is sit back on the porch with a coldie and watch while someone else does the hard work.

What Issues Does Your Green Waste Cause The Environment?

So, what is green waste?

Look at your backyard. You have your trees, shrubs, bushes – things that are alive. But when something falls from a tree, or is trimmed from a bush, it becomes green waste. So, when you go on your next big backyard blitz and start cutting down trees and pruning bushes like there’s no tomorrow, or a storm comes along with strong winds causing havoc in your back yard, all the cut off, damaged and broken matter on the ground becomes green waste.

Ok, so what is wrong with just throwing that away and sending it to the dump?

Green waste takes up space, and dumps are not places of limitless size, or stuck in a parallel dimension … dumps are part of our cities and towns and they take up a limited space that can be filled very easily if too many people fill it with things that don’t need to be dumped there.

It just doesn’t make sense filling up landfills with dead plants and trees that can be recycled into materials that we can re-use, or used as compost to grow new plants and trees.

Decomposing Green Waste at the Landfill Emits More Methane Than In Nature

It’s not just cows and their rear ends that can emit methane. Methane is a by-product of natural decomposition. However, when green waste is put onto landfills, it is usually compacted, pressed down and covered. This removes the oxygen component from the decomposition process that is natural in the environment, and instead methane-producing bacteria get to work, kicking the methane production into overdrive. Methane is more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide; possibly as much as 25 times as potent.

It can be bad for the waterways.

Methane is not the only thing that is produced when green waste breaks down. The decomposition process can also produce something that’s called ‘leachate’. When rain falls on landfills, the water seeps in through all the gaps and channels in a landfill, syphoning off chemicals and decomposing biological matter that can be toxic and a strong pollutant. If this liquid then makes its way to the waterways and the city’s drinking water, this can cause many health related issues. One solution to this is simply not sending your green waste rubbish to the landfill.

What Other Options Are There?

Composting and recycling are two good options available to you. Recycling turns your green waste into another product and ensures that far less of the green waste makes it to the landfill, while composting uses decomposition as its supposed to be; oxygenated, open to nature. This then produces materials that can improve the quality of your soil, allowing you to produce better veggie and fruit gardens, if that be your desire.

One final option is that you bring in professionals to take care of your green waste for you. These professional green waste removal companies will ensure that your green waste does not end up on the landfill, but is recycled and turned into environmentally friendly compost.

Do You Really Need To Clean Your Mattress?

There is a short answer, and that answer is ‘Yes’.

There is a longer answer, which explains a few more things, but ultimately the answer boils down to ‘For the love of God, YES!’

You Sweat In Your Sleep.

How much you sweat may determine on a few factors, notably, temperature and humidity, plus also how much spicy food you ate before bedtime, but the average person will sweat half a litre every night. And that sweat really only has one place to go.

You Shed Skin.

Experts estimate you shed a gram of skin cells a night. And not just skin, but hair follicles. All of this adds up over time, but is particular more concerning considering what’s coming up next.

There are things living on your mattress that eat your skin cells.

Yeah … that. Dust mites feed of your shed skin cells. Fortunately, they seem to much prefer dead, flaked off skin cells, rather than the kind that are still attached to you, but still … eww.

There could be more than a million dust mites on your average mattress.

People with far more knowledge than me about these kinds of things estimate that mattresses can have between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites. Someone else, who again has a lot of time in their lives to devote to this question, stated that ten percent of a two year old pillows weight was composed of deceased dust mites and their excrement.

Oh, yeah. Dust mite excrement!

Dust mites poop twice their body weight every single day. On your mattress. The same one you sleep on. The same one you are wondering whether you should clean it.  Just let that sink in.

Your mattress could be making you sick.

We’re not moving on from the dust mite poop any time soon. Every time you move in your sleep, dust particles become air borne as a result. These dust particles are made up primarily of dust mites and their droppings, and are so light that they float around. Eventually, they get loose of your bed sheets and become air borne, floating around before finally settling down again.

Often, on you. On your face and your skin, and often you breath them in.

For many people this mightn’t cause any reaction, but if you are susceptible to breathing issues like asthma or skin irritations and allergies, this can really make you feel sick.

You should get your mattress professionally cleaned.

For peace of mind it makes sense to get a mattress cleaning done by professional cleaners like Mattress Cleaning Townsville. They know the precise chemicals required to perform a thoroughly cleaning of your mattress to rid as much of these dust mites and their excrement as possible.

What are the Benefits of Pressure Cleaning Your Home and Property?

Your house has one job. It is to protect you from what the elements throw at you. Sun, rain, wind, dirt, nature. Every day, your house is fighting this constant battle, and over time, your house begins to show the effects of this continuous struggle. Wind-blown dirt discolours your walls, rain leaves behind pollutants that begin to build up on your home surfaces; even nature, tress, insects and animals conspire to leave their toll on your property.

Pressure cleaning is more than just making your house look pretty, although, that is one of the benefits. It rejuvenates your home, strengthens it to continue to fight its on-going battle.

Here are just some of the benefits of getting a pressure cleaning company like Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Coast to pressure clean your home:

Pressure Cleaning Prevents Damage

Over time, moisture buildup on your exterior surfaces can cause grime and mould to appear. Mould can attack your painted surfaces, leaving behind flaking paint, or even just the bare surface. Paint is your home’s skin, and like human skin, it protects what’s really vital from what can hurt it.

Improves household health

Mould is not only harmful to your home’s exterior surfaces, it’s also harmful to your home’s interior inhabitants, you. Mould, algae, pollen, dust mites, fungus and bacterium of all kind can all accumulate on your exterior surfaces, and all of these can be harmful to a person’s health if they are particular susceptible to allergies or breathing issues, like asthma. This is particular the case for the elderly and the young. Pressure Cleaning your exterior surfaces can rid them of these toxic substances, improve the health of those that live within.

Increases Property Value

Picture this: two house that are, for all intents and purposes exactly the same. The same size, the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, the same sized back yard, the same sized property. However, the exteriors of one of the houses is discoloured with dirt, mould, moss; the driveway is covered with oil spills, there is graffiti on your fences and the decks and patios are grotty to look at.

While the other one is spotlessly clean.

Which one sells for more?

The answer’s obvious. We’re told not to judge the book by the cover, but sometimes the cover matters. Pressure cleaning your home, driveway and other surfaces can add thousands to your property value.

Helps you prepare your surfaces for further work.

If you are painting your exteriors, you need to start off with a surface that is clean and smooth. Pressure cleaning can help get your surfaces into such a state with very little effort. If you are sealing your concrete driveway, power cleaning can also help prepare the concrete.

It just makes your property look gooood.

Why do people invest so much time in gardening, or landscaping their backyard to look just the way they want it to. Because it makes the property look good. You like looking at it; your neighbours like looking at it. All in all, a good looking yard makes you and your neighbours feel that little bit better.

So, why not do the same with your home, your driveway, your decks and patios, and your fences. Pressure cleaning those exterior surfaces just makes your house and property look good, and your neighbours will thank you for it.