Spring Cleaning Rubbish Removal Tips

There’s another word which sometimes follows the word “spring” … “cleaning”. Some of us are thrilled to be spring cleaning, and others might think that  those people are a bit strange. However it is certainly necessary to consider spring cleaning, even if it is in every leap year! It’s too hot in summer to think of doing this. It’s too cold in winter … depending on whether you live above or below the 32nd parallel. It’s too …. busy in autumn. So spring it is.

Have a look around and see if there are things that are just taking up space. Things you don’t use any more. Things you maybe don’t need any more. There must be something that is taking up space that you would like to allocate to a new “something else”, and if you don’t use it any more, it’s time to go.

What can you give to a charity?

If it is still in reasonable condition, if it still works, a nearby charity might be interested in it. Sometimes we are in a season of catastrophes, with fire, flood and famine, and there would always be a family that could use the item that you no longer use. What about the old sofa, the fold up bed which is taking up space in the spare room, the drinks fridge which still works well, but maybe you can part with it and save a bit on the electricity bill. You could contact the charities to come and pick up items which are too large for you to handle.

Clothes? In good condition, they are always welcome for use by disadvantaged families. Don’t give them clothes which are damaged. And don’t leave them on the footpath outside the charity shop. This makes extra work and incurs extra cost for the charity volunteer workers.


Sometimes we buy more cups, plates, storage containers because we feel like a change, but we don’t dispose of the old cups, plates, storage containers. They take up space in the back of the cupboard. Charity shops love those as well. There always seems to be a need for basic household goods.

Have a look around and work out what you want to keep and what you are able to give.

Maybe your grandchildren would like the old books and toys from your childhood. Some might like playing with old Meccano rather than their x-boxes. Maybe there are things that are precious to you. They should be neatly packed and stored away in a labelled box, and packed on a shelf in the garage. Eventually the grandchildren will get them.


If you have a collection of empty bottles, you could take them to a bottle recycling centre and get a bit of cash back. Otherwise sort out your bottles, your old newspapers, magazines, and put them in the recycling bin. Have you got magazines dating back to 1978? Time to go. Or are there second hand dealers who would take them off your hands? Google it for your neighbourhood.

At the end of it all, you may find it more useful to employ the professionals, like those at rubbish removal Geelong to take it away, sort it out, and put it where it will do the most good.